This documentation page is in the process of development. I'm presently gathering Congressional Records submitted to Congress by TVA concerning their LBL Demonstration of turning the land into a National Recreation Area.

But I need help. Some of the Congressional Records that I have access to, are truncated, and possibly redacted. And some of it is just not available any more thru normal channels.

So I'm placing a request to all that visit my website. At this time, I'm looking for specific documentation.

Right now I'm looking for documentation on what is known as "The Promise". As I've heard it told many times, by folks that were forced out of LBL and where there, TVA promised that the land would always provide free access and free use of the land to the public, and that there would be no commercialization of the land. I need any documentation on this.

Also, I've heard that there is a document that promises that if the land is to ever be sold, that it will first be offered back to the families that were forced out.

I'm also seeking documentation on: "The Five Concepts" that TVA presented in the middle 1990's, and information on Concept Zero.

Actually, I'm also seeking any documentation on events that happened but didn't make the public record; word of mouth promises, and such. I'll take anything pertinent to events connected to when the President, Congress, and TVA decided to take the land and turn it into a National Recreation Area. Many events never made it into the public records, and some of it is next to impossible to get my hands on, but I know it's out there. I feel it's urgent to secure this documentation before it gone and never to be found again

Also, I'd appreciate any stories that might be of interest to the families that came out of BTR. There are thousands of stories, and all families have many. So if anyone has some interesting stories they's like to share about Between the Rivers, please contact me thru email.

Any help would be much appreciated. Please email me if you can help. All confidentiality will be respected and honored. If you have info, and don't wish your name to be associated with it, that too, will be honored and respected. If you have info that you only want me to read, to possibly help me in this effort, and nothing else, and don't want anyone else to know, that too, will be honored and respected. Only information permited will be made public on my website.

Email Webmaster - Harold

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